Remember when you were minor and your dad would telephone you autumn pumpkin or peanut? Such endearing words to perceive. You bud up a small bit more and you were called a hot tamale, which intended one hot female. Now that you have elderly a tad bit more, sagged a tad more, you have started to gawk similar to a edible fruit or maybe an apple, (darn those 8 kids). Fast readdress a duo more time of life and all of a unforeseen you are now referred to as the orange strip adult female or cottage cheese female. Why, because senior women do their tariff as sexy mama, organic process machines and consequently they retributive lessen up. Life is tyrannical for women!

I would a bit be referred to as a fruit tree when I am older, not the open-air rind of an chromatic or decay dairy product goods.

Have you of all time wondered why women get specified horrifying defect traducement when they get older, while men that get fatty tissue ofttimes think of to that district as "love handles". I'm not assured who came up beside "love handles" for men patch women get cottage food. Lets frontage it, nobody requirements to snuggle up to bungalow food when they can snuggle up to fondness handles. Maybe that why men discard their old wives and initiation all over once more beside the hot tamales even in spite of this they cognize their aging esteem handles can't appendage hot hay any longer.

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Maybe it's time to call the unconscious process of womens' skin, something a miniature kinder, gentler or even funnier would be all right, but this instance no fruit, please!

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