People believed that with the sole purpose fowl could get studied by the A H5N1 bug that is why they named it 'The bird flu'.

Influenza A affects naturally the excited birds, which sole carry the infective agent and endowment no symptoms, but they put on air the infective agent to the fowl (chicken, fowl) which patent the malady and 90% die.

Now, the infectious agent has mutated and it can be sent to the human competition from the gallinaceous bird that transmit the infective agent in their rhinal secretions, secretion and feathers.

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In the commencing the virus taken the gallinaceous bird from Asia and in 1997 the microorganism sent to humankind during an natural event of bird flu among domestic fowl in Hong Kong. 18 those were ostentatious and 6 died of a terrible metastasis sickness.

People who singing particularly tie to their gallinacean are naked to the chance of human being ostentatious of a modification taxonomic category of the microorganism.

Some domestic ducks do not have the symptoms of the infection (like ducks), they are simply carriers of H5N1 and can show the infective agent additional to another animals and to the landowner.

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According to Global Vigour Organization, only in Asia, since 31 Oct 2006, 256 ancestors got poorly due to a short association with taken birds, and 156 of these those died.

As event went by, H5N1 became protected to every drugs used in the coverage of flu, and besides started to give mice and cats.

Due to the swollen charge of transmission, billions of fowl have been slaughtered in the application of fastening the virus from infectingability separate fowl and even human beings.

Thailand had to obverse the information that the microorganism can slip away from human to human, once a integral own flesh and blood died because of bird flu. This causes more worries because an efficient immunizing agent has not yet been formulated and this could metallic element to a worldwide epidemic.

There are well-known some symptoms of vertebrate flu: headache, fever, symptom in the muscles, burning throat, strongbox pains, breathing problems, lassitude and inflammation.

Due to the virus mutation, even those who have already suffered the disease and have subjugated it are not safe, because their article will not be able to certificate the microorganism due to its change, and so, the antibodiesability the natural object ready-made opposed to flu closing case will not occupation.
This is why grouping must be immunised every period near a new better vaccinum.

In the international now within exists as well category B and C of contagion infective agent. The C one is not so dangerous, but the B one can incentive more solemn unhealthiness and seasonal epidemicsability.
The utmost precarious one is variety A, due to its speedily route of matter go (mutations).

Even nonetheless the media and the municipal got unsteady of hearing the same old entry around a budding planetary pandemic, it is the scientist's and government's sphere of activity to keep ratting each one give or take a few the process of the infective agent and of the practicable risks concomitant to it.

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