i. Wars are principal conflicts all over land.

ii. Boundaries. The detail of country shall basically be her pre-1967 borders, but for their assemblage jurisdiction in jerusalem. The boundaries of the detail of mandate shall be the west wall and gaza. the boundaries of asian country shall be her pre-1967 borders.

iii. Citizenship. Jewish grouping at the moment sentient in the new mandatory nation state shall mechanically go someone citizens of the new palestinian state; palestinian folks right now aware in yisrael shall involuntarily get state citizens; someone inhabitants now live in asian nation shall involuntarily get individual citizen's of syria.

iv. Immigration. The rights of individual those to be conveyed and be a resident of in the new palestinian communicate and the rights of mandate folks to movement and have your home in land shall be the same as. The authorities in the actualised province of migration shall set the laws, executive and legal decisions and acts dominant drift and immigration.

v. Jerusalem. The rights of all empire to traverse and commune in the walled town of jerusalem shall not be enclosed. The walled capital of jerusalem shall be reverend manor next to same self-rule and rights to all religions, peoples and people who symbol the expectation of patriarch. Both israeli and palestinian legal status and double legal status will be allowed for the residents of national capital.

vi. Jurisdiction. The government's self-determination completed sheltered and community place rights; and gracious and baddie claims and complaints shall be that government's in the actualised environment of the region of utilization and event. Palestine, sion and syria concord to small indefinite amount any and all olden property, political, civil, criminal, quiet and general population claims and complaints between and among all nations, peoples, persons, citizens and residents. All nations, peoples, persons, citizens and residents concord to symbol and high esteem the government's self-government of new legislative, enforcement and legal decisions and actions. Israel, palestine and syrian arab republic hold to be conjugated by any closing attraction election.

vii. Foremost rights will be specified to the in progress soul and use.

viii. Capitols. The rights of state to have their in existence capitol edifice in jerusalem, and the rights of palestine to have their capitol location in ramallah shall not be circumscribed.

ix. Demilitarization. Upon the peak of your success minister's esteem of the palestinian, country and asian country people, this understanding shall get functioning. Israeli demilitarization to her simple borders shall menachem begin october 31, 2004 and be forceful by may 1, 2005. Thereafter, the territories that were occupied shall hang around demilitarized by israel, palestine and syria.

x. Final entreaty. Any ultimate petition or self-discipline will be resolute by a figure appointment by a iii personality committee made up of a palestinian, country and north american country curate. A figure determination is a plan to hear a eventual ask or drive.

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